……Why choose Shenbang suit……

Selected high quality fabrics

Selected soft fabric, close care, wrinkle resistant and wear-resistant, soft feel, plump and straight, full of elasticity, strong warmth retention, and make the fabric feel smooth, dense organization, sweat absorption and ventilation, health and environmental protection, no pilling, no fading, no shrinkage, durable wear resistance, anti-static electricity. Under several washing conditions, the antistatic effect remains unchanged.。

Overall design

3D three-dimensional cutting, through the investigation of Asian shape, to create an ergonomic fit version, simple and fashionable.

Exquisite craftsmanship

Perfect stitching, close stitching, high quality sewing thread, firm and reliable, neat and structured. High quality gold comb thread is used for fine sewing, making the whole more harmonious.

Perfect version

Three times cutting (preliminary cutting / high precision electric knife cutting / manual hand knife fine adjustment) plain knife sleeve type (elegant line conforms to the slightly forward bending state of the arm, and the sleeve shape designed by daily posture makes the wearing natural and aesthetic) the front shoulder punching design (increases the stress point, weakens the weight bearing feeling of shoulder pressure, reduces the surplus of front and back clothes, and makes the body Fuller) brand new Napoli version (strictly control the ratio of girth and length, 5S shape presents elegant curve, creating overall slender vision) (5S refers to shoulder line, sleeve shape, back radian, chest, lapel to hem)


Windproof and breathable

The double wind resistance of high collar and hood ensures the excellent wind resistance and air permeability of the clothes.

Waterproof and moisture permeable

Strong water-proof and moisture permeable fabric with 220t nylon high-strength Taslon. To meet the needs of various outdoor sports scenes, wear more than one garment.

Salt resistance and wear resistance

 The three-dimensional cutting can resist the salt resistance and wear resistance index of high and cold conditions.

Windproof and breathable

Trekking fabric with super heat preservation, temperature locking and air permeability can cope with various harsh environments in the jungle and through rain and snow