Workwear customization needs attention and quality control

As the market economy matures, the company to shape the image of the corporate team and staff, enhance personal taste and class, improve corporate cohesion, establish a corporate image, create a unique corporate culture, Here we talk about the customized work clothes need to pay attention to the problem. First, the standard of customized work clothes (including sample styles, fabrics, colors, specifications): (1) Raw materials: the choice of high-quality fabrics can enhance your work efficiency by 20%. Comfortable fabrics wear in the body comfort affects a person's behavior and demeanor for a day and the impression of others. Our company focuses on product quality, so for the style of customized work clothes, fabrics, accessories and some other supplies are into the gatekeeper. (2) Acceptance criteria: your final confirmation of the fabric texture, color and style shall be subject to sampling to confirm the production of large quantities. (3) Production specifications: the size specifications of the Division for your body measurement shall prevail. Workwear customized quality standards: (1) Workwear customized quality assurance contains the appearance of quality, sewing quality, specifications and dimensions. (2) Workwear customized logo: including trademarks, factory name, implementation standards, product quality, specifications, washing instructions and logos. (3) The use of customized work clothes: work clothes should be worn comfortably and decently, and to ensure that does not harm the health of the wearer. Welcome to call us or come to visit us!