Shenbang Clothing Co., Ltd.


Shenbang Clothing Co., Ltd.

Shenbang Garment Co., Ltd. is located in Wenzhou, Zhejiang, and was established in 2004. The company is a large-scale professional clothing enterprise. Its business covers the design, development, production and sales of high-end suits, professional clothes, casual clothes, shirts and other large-scale joint-stock enterprises. The company has two major brands of "Shenbang" and "Xiangmei" clothing. Among them, "Shenbang Garment" is located in the business of group business wear and "Xiangmei, the product category is rich, favored by consumers and recognized by the industry. At present, the company has 10 city offices and Wenzhou, Wuhan two major production bases. The company adheres to the principle of "focusing on building a systematic solution in the field of professional service".
The enterprise vision of "solution supplier", adhering to the enterprise spirit of comprehensive innovation and all-round pragmatism. It has successively passed a series of production system certifications such as "Quality System", "Environmental System", "Health System", and "LA Mark Certificate", and has successively obtained "Famous Brand Trademark", "Advanced Enterprise", "Credit AAA", and "China Labor Protection Industry" A series of enterprise honorary titles such as "Top 50 Enterprises.

In order to meet the needs of high-end and intensive development of enterprises, the company invested a huge sum of money in 2006 to introduce internationally advanced CAD computer design, drawing, plate pushing system, cutting bed system and sewing systems such as German Duceppe and Japanese heavy machine JUKI. Large-scale bonding machine, intermediate ironing and three-dimensional post-ironing system and other world-class clothing production equipment. Existing production capacity: the annual production capacity of high-grade suits is 300000 sets/piece, and the annual production capacity of shirts, jackets, professional clothes and labor protection clothes is more than 200 sets/piece. Wenzhou is currently the largest and most competitive business wear production enterprises.



Company culture

Corporate Vision

regard quality as life

Work without hidden dangers
life safety guarantee

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Enterprise Objectives

regard quality as life

Guide clothing trends

Build an international brand

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Enterprise purpose

regard quality as life

Rich clothing culture

Show the style of the times

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spirit of enterprise

Quality is the life of the enterprise

Constant pursuit of perfection
Constantly beyond the self

Qualification Certification

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Seiko Manufacturing

Equipment display first-class hardware facilities, first-class management to ensure first-class quality. The company fully introduces international advanced equipment and has a high level of production lines. The production process of suits, shirts and professional clothes is fully digital controlled, ensuring a high degree of unity between industrial mass production and perfect details.

More than 40% of the employees who have worked in the production line for 10 years and 70% of the employees who have worked in the production line for 5 years. A stable team is the strong guarantee for Shenbang Seiko.

R & D Technology

In the Shenbang Apparel Technology R & D Center, we continue to surprise the market from the application of new materials and the development of functional products. We are never satisfied with the achievements of the past, we continue to innovate technology and solutions to meet the needs of modern clothing people for different climates and environments.


Through the research and analysis of customer needs, based on the breakthrough of new material application (introduction of three-proof fabrics and other materials) and garment functional finishing technology (anti-pollution, ventilation and environmental protection), Shenbang Apparel has successively released "flame retardant textile materials and their preparation methods", "anti-pollution tooling", "environment-friendly sheepskin garment leather processing technology", "special labor protection clothing (three-proof fabrics) and other products, all of which have achieved good market response.


The technological innovation and the release of R & D results represent the continuous breakthrough of Shenbang in technology. We will continue to research and develop new products to meet the various needs of customers.

Professional strength

High collar, wind cap double wind, to ensure that the clothing windproof breathable performance in an excellent state.

Salt resistance and wear resistance

Three-dimensional cutting, can withstand the cold conditions of salt resistance and wear index.

Waterproof and moisture permeable

Strong effect on water, the outer fabric uses 220T nylon high-strength Taslon waterproof and moisture-permeable fabric. Meet the needs of various outdoor sports scenes, wear more than one coat.

Keep warm from the cold

Super warm, cycle lock temperature, breathable TREKKING fabric in the jungle through the rain and snow can cope with a variety of harsh environments.