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Matters needing attention and quality control for custom work clothes

2016-04-15 13:51

With the development and maturity of the market economy, in order to shape the image of the corporate team and employees, enhance personal taste and grade, enhance corporate cohesion, establish corporate image, and create a unique corporate culture, let’s talk about the issues that need to be paid attention to when customizing work clothes. 1. Standards for custom-made work clothes (including sample styles, fabrics, colors, specifications): (1) Raw materials: Choosing high-quality fabrics can increase your work efficiency by 20%. The comfort of wearing comfortable fabrics affects a person's daily behavior and the impression of others. Our company pays attention to product quality, so custom-made styles, fabrics, accessories and other consumables for work clothes are a check. (2) Acceptance criteria: the fabric texture, color and style finally confirmed by your company shall be used for mass production after proofing and confirmation. (3) Production specifications: subject to the size specifications that our company measures for your company. 2. Quality standards for customized work clothes: (1) The quality assurance of customized work clothes includes appearance quality, sewing quality, specifications and dimensions. (2) Customized logo for work clothes: including trademark, factory name, executive standard, product quality, specifications, washing instructions and logo. (3) Custom-made work clothes: work clothes should be comfortable and decent, and ensure that the health of the wearer is not harmed. Welcome to call for consultation or come to visit and negotiate!